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Zero Resistance Weight Loss License System - 8 CDs & 3 Workbooks

Here is a quick and easy way to...

• Get a super successful, popular, high-demand, mega PROFITABLE hypnosis product?

• Get a proven sales letter for this product that has brought orders flooding in?

• Get the rights to rerecord this and list your name as the author to boost your credibility?

...and get all of this and more and for such ... a low investment, as few as 3 sales recover 100% of your cost.

Listen below to skeptical Hypnotherapist and Stage Hypnotist
Josh Singer and what transpired with the Zero Resistance System.

Dear Hypnotist,

If you are interested in pumping up or maximizing your income from hypnosis then this limited opportunity could be for you.

Not that long ago we were working show after show making great money but not capitalizing on all those people in our audiences! In fact, if I had one thing to do over in this business it would be to start with products earlier and focus specifically on the back end business. It is simply, hands down, the most profitable aspect of being a stage hypnotist!

People + Hypnosis = Back End Profits $

At every live program (show or lecture) you and I do, we have people in front of us. They watch and are impressed with hypnosis, they want to make changes in their own lives and they want to hand us money to make that happen! If we don’t have a system in place, it’s a total loss, because you probably will never see them again.

(In addition, if you have a hypnotherpy office, this the perfect add on sale to your current clients or drop down offer to those that cannot afford your live sessions. Its a natural.)

Either you put a system in place with a profitable back end product, or you lose the opportunity -- forever!

Definition: Back End Product...

A back end product is any product offered to your clients. Upsell means it is an increased transaction value. By combining the two you have the best of both worlds: a large transaction value, with no customer acquisition cost. It’s pure profit!

Frankly it makes little difference to me if you purchase the rights to this product or not, but regardless of whether you take advantage of this limited offer-- it is paramount that you get a back end, profitable product! I’m serious! You need to do it now, or you will be losing income everyday…. like time slipping by, never to be recovered….

Why Offer Something Like This?

Because nearly one-third of American adults are obese. That is according to the Centers for Disease Control. In 2000, more than 300 million adults in the world were obese and 1 billion were overweight, according to the World Health Organization. This is a huge market -- that is here to stay!

Just think...regardless of whether you are a Stage Hypnotist or Hypnotherapist... every audience and every person you meet or know, 3 out of 10 people are obese and 6 out of 10 want to lose weight!

They have tried dieting, they have tried pills, they have tried exercise, they have tried everything.... they want to try hypnosis. You as a hypnotist have credibility and prestige, they have heard about hypnotic weight loss and are curious .....they want to know if you can help them. They want to hand you money .... So, what do you do?

What if you had a Special System
to Help People Lose Weight?

Why is this so system so special......

Because this is Not a Diet - This
is the Missing Ingredient to any
Weight Loss Success

This is not a diet. Diets focus on the external, such as food, and for many people diets don't work. The reason they don't work is because people don't do them!

If they are on the Atkins diet, they eat too many carbs. If they are on Weight Watchers, they eat too many points. If they are a member of Curves, they don't work out on a regular schedule. If they are on grapefruit diet, they eat other foods.

The Zero Resistance Weight Loss System is completely different. This is can be used on its own, or in support of any diet program currently be utilized because, this program focuses on the internal - making permanent, dramatic, changes in eating behavior and mindset that will allow people to conquer bad habits and empower themselves to overcome obstacles to weight loss without sacrifice or willpower.

Why is This System So Successful?

This is a fresh approach to weight loss with built in goal accomplishments to drive motivation to achieve the weight
loss goals.

This program works with sensible and reasonable guidelines
on two levels:

• the conscious
• the subconscious

Just as an example: on a conscious level, this system recommends a daily action item to support the weight loss goal and keep people motivated.

On a subconscious level, the participant experiences a "Sensory Enhanced" trance state of hypnosis to program them to protect and respect their body. In addition, you have the complete system that adds the conscious component to the weight loss as well.

 Your Clients No Longer Need
Willpower to Lose Weight

 Most people have the wrong mindset. Most want immediate results and focus on the sacrifice of giving up foods. One of the factors of success in this program is that we reframe that issue so they are empowered to understand they are not giving up or sacrificing anything - they are gaining EVERYTHING!

In addition, most people lack willpower, so the "Sensory Enhanced" hypnosis is used to program them on a subconscious level so that willpower is not needed . Willpower is typically a tool for short-term change only. This program is about a permanent lifestyle change devoted to better health and a slimmer appearance.
This program focuses on weight loss for even people who have tried to lose weight in the past and failed. This system is not for casual weight loss. It's for those individuals that need to lose significant weight (over 20 pounds).

When you get this beefy package you get a:

1) Instant seller in the multi-billion dollar weight loss
industry without the hassle and pain of creating it!

If you had to create this from scratch it would take you months
and cost you a small fortune! With this product you are instantly
in the weight loss game and with a proven winner!

2) Full reprint rights to reproduce these for
pennies on the dollar!

You can choose to reproduce it through a duplication house or do
it onesee- twoosee at home, part-time. It is cheap, cheap, cheap!

3) Full rights to the proven, supercharged sales literature

I have spent far too many years and many thousands of dollars
studying marketing techniques and sales letters. You will get the full rights to reproduce our proven sales letter that will start generating sales for you immediately!


The Zero Resistance Weight Loss Program is truly one of the most incredible programs that I have ever seen. You couldn't of made it more idiot-proof by putting everything that needs to be customized in red. Thank you for making my career much easier!

-- Aaron Foster, Kansas City, MO


Why is Zero Resistance Weight Loss
Such a Powerful Product?

Well first, the weight loss industry is hotter than hell and this product is just what everyone wants! It is not a “fad” product, you will make money off system this for years to come.

Here is what your customer gets with the Zero Resistance
Weight Loss System:

1 – Fast Start Zero Resistance Weight Loss Audio Program
1 – Hypnotic Pretalk Audio
1 – Weight Loss Mindset Hypnosis Session Audio
1 – Exercise Motivation Hypnosis Session Audio
1 – Eliminate Sweets and Snacking Hypnosis Session Audio
1 – Programmed Healthy Eating Habits Hypnosis Session Audio
4 – Conscious Programming sessions (non-hypnosis sessions
they can use at any time, driving, at work, etc.) Audio
1 - Large binder book and Zero Resistance Weight Loss
analysis forms

This is a very impressive system for your
customers with a high -perceived value.

You can sell it for between $197.00 and $397.00 and it
cost you less than $19.00 each. That means you MAKE
$178.00 to $378.00 per profit for each
one you sell.

You recover your entire Licensing fee from as few as 3 sales!!

Count the Number of Customers
for This System

Consider that everybody who is overweight is a prospect and count the ways you can sell this system!

You could offer them:

• direct mail
• health fairs
• in a hypnotherapy office setting
• after stage hypnosis shows
• at hypnosis lectures
• our favorite and most profitable is by selling it to people who
have bought our other products.

and many many more...

The Absolute Bottom Line is this

If you have a hypnotherapy office or are doing any live programs or plan to in the future, or if people know that you are a hypnotist, this product is a drop dead natural for you! You can’t help but make money.

The Zero Resistance Weight Loss System is an incredible bargain and the most powerful force in our back end business. You can immediately put this in your business and make a lot of money doing it!

Consider if you even just sell this many each year, at a
discounted rate of $297.00 you will make:

• 20 sales, that is $5,940.00 you profit

• 50 sales, that is $14,850.00

• 100 sales, that is $29,700.00

• 200 sales that is $59,400.00

You could start a retirement fund on this single product alone.

Free Instant Access Instructions:
Enter your email address in the form below for instant access to the training video...
Privacy Assured: Your email address is never shared with anyone.

Your Name:

Now, here's the entire detailed list of everything you get:

Scripts and Full Rights to reproduce or rerecord these
with you as author for:

1 – Fast Start Zero Resistance Weight Loss Audio Program
1 – Hypnotic Pretalk on CD
1 – Weight Loss Mindset Hypnosis Session on CD
1 – Exercise Motivation Hypnosis Session on CD
1 – Eliminate Sweets and Snacking Hypnosis Session on CD
1 – Programmed Healthy Eating Habits Hypnosis Session on CD
1 - Royalty free music CD
4 – Conscious Programming sessions (non-hypnosis sessions they can use at any time, driving, at work, etc.) on CD
1 - Large binder book and Zero Resistance Weight Loss analysis forms on CD in Word and rich text format.
1- All hypnosis session scripts in Word and rich text format on CD
1_ All conscious programming scripts in Word and rich text format on CD
1 – License Certificate proving you with the rights to reproduce or rerecord and sell this entire program with you as the author
1 – License rights to use our sales letter via direct mail, website, etc.

Here is a photo of everything you get:

How Much $$ Will this Set You Back?

It would make sense if I priced this based on the amount of money it could make you.

If I did that, an average sale for you, times just 10 units ($297.00 x 10 units) the price would be $2970.00. That would fair, according to standard business practices.

If I went really cheap I would price it at the average sale price of 5 units, that would be: $297.00 x 5 units = $1485.00.

However, because I know that those of you that get this will immediately start to make more money than you thought possible and forever be thankful to me.... you can own the full license for just $695.00. On Sale for just $595.00.

And if you want you can make payments to make it comfortable for you to get this now.

Then your sales will not only be paying off the license
investment, but also making you money.

Keep in mind I may change my mind, may pull the product and may stop offering this without notice. On one hand I want you guys to really do well in your business, on the other hand, I'm offering you this so cheap, it may not be worth it to me.

Consider this:

Only 3 units sold recoups this entire investment!

You couldn't create this product for as cheap as we are offering it! And you get the full product ready to be duped; or you can rerecord the materials in your voice and customize the book to fit you. You get it ALL.

Now You Can Even Customize
Your System!*

Originally we were just offering the rights to reproduce our system. But we had requests from clients who wanted to purchase the license to reproduce this system with THEMSELVES as the author and make changes to their system.

So now we also include those rights. You can reproduce this entire system with you as the author, but keep in mind that you will need to do some work on the book to make it fit you. As you receive it, it is authored by Wendy and me.

I wanted to note this because there will be work involved. Not a lot, but you need to be aware of it. To make it easier we include the entire book on disc so all you have to do is pop it into your computer and you are ready to go. Or you can just offer our system, make the duplications from the CDs provided and pocket the money.

* when you customize the system, you must agree to change the name of the product so that it is not confused with ours that we continue to sell.

Why It is so Important to Give
This Your Immediate Attention!

This is a limited offer. It is based on geographical location!

Because we limit the licenses based on geographical location, if you don't act immediately you will probably not be able to secure these rights. In other words, only one person may get them from your city. We don't want to flood the markets with others offering this system. We want to maintain the high value of program and we don't want you competing with others within your market with this system.

All sales are subject to approval of market availability and Geoffrey Ronning's acceptance. If your location is not available you will instantly be notified and you will receive a full refund.

One More Thing...

If you do not customize your weight loss system, you must agree to not offer it on the internet. If you do customize your system, that is fine to offer it online, because it is not the same system we are offering.

But if you just duplicate our system, it makes no sense for us to give you the online sales rights, it would just hurt us. We don't want to have to compete with others that are offering our system cheaper than we sell it at.

Amazing product and even more amazing price. Easily worth at least three to four times what you are asking.

-- Kevin Wolfe, CH, CI


You Can't Go Wrong! Your
Investment is Satisfaction

Feel confident when you order because you have our full guarantee. Check it out, convince yourself that this is right for you or send it back for a full 100% refund. No questions asked.

Why You'll Want To Order This Today:

1) Licenses are offered on a geographic basis. Once they are gone that is it. Get yours now before someone else beats you to it.

2)Get the jump on this, because the sooner you order, the sooner
you get it and the sooner you can start to make money.

3) In addition, one of my Mentoree’s convinced me to offer this because he knew the value. Frankly, I’m still not certain I want to release this, but I am willing to try it. However, I could change my mind, at any moment.

4) In addition, if you are one of the first 45 people who get this license will also get the rights to "radio station weight loss giveaway" that you can use to promote yourself and drive people to your website to purchase the full Zero Resistance Weight Loss System.

5) You can split this product up and sell the audio programs separately. That means you can immediately start to offer new audio hypnosis programs such as: Exercise Motivation, Eliminate Sweets and Snacking, etc.

That makes a number of products you get instantly for 1 low price!

Think of this package as the ultimate shortcut. No research,
no writing, no scripting, no nothing but duplicating!!

I don’t think I can make it much easier or cheaper.

A Savvy Decision to Get Things Kickin!

This is a fantastic opportunity to get our most popular hypnosis product ever, of course I'm hoping that those that do, will ultimately spend more money with us, because you will be making a lot more $$$. It's a win win.

It’s as one person told me, “A no-brainer.”

Order today, you will be very happy you did, and if you are not
(which I cannot imagine), just send it back for a full refund.


P.S. Keep this in mind: you only need to sell 3 Zero Resistance
Weight Loss” Systems to make your investment back. Plus it is 100% guaranteed so there is nothing scary about it! Jump on it now, you will be very happy and your customers will be very impressed!

Answers To Commonly Asked Questions

Q: Can you explain what rights I specifically get?

A: Sure. You get the rights to “Zero Resistance Weight Loss,” and if you are one of the first 45 to do so you get the rights for “Weight Loss Radio Station Giveaway.” That is a simple giveaway that will drive more people to pick up more sales of the "Zero Resistance Weight Loss System."

These license rights allow you to reproduce our system, and also record, and to list your name as the author. Keep in mind if you want to record these in your own voice you can go into a studio or do it on any modern day computer with audio software. If you do decide to list yourself as the author, you will also need to do some editing of the book, because that is written by Wendy and me.

You cannot resale or transfer these license rights to anyone else. In other words, you cannot buy the rights from us and them sell the rights to other people. You are purchasing a lifetime license to sell the products themselves to your customers.

Q: Can you tell me what I agree too, and what
my limitations are?

A: Yes, it is simple...

If you customize your system:

1) You agree to change the title of the system

2) You agree not to sell the rights to others

If you do not customize the system and just duplicate ours:

1) You agree not to sell it online (we don't want the competition)

2) You agree not to sell the rights to others

Q: What happens if my geographic area has already
been sold and I place an order?

A: All sales are subject to approval of market availability and Geoffrey Ronning's acceptance. If your city is not available you will instantly be notified and you will receive a full refund.

Q: How do I know if I’m one of the first people and I also
get the rights for the free “Radio Station Giveaway” and your complete "Zero Resistance Weight Loss System" sample?

A: When you order the product online, it will list in the description of the product whether it comes with bonuses. If is says "bonuses" that means you get them.
If it says nothing about bonuses, it means they are sold out, sorry.

Q: It seems really cheap. Why are you selling the rights?

A: It is really cheap. Of course that may change when I come to my senses. My friends say this should sell for a minimum of $1995.00. So this is really under-priced.

The reason I’m selling the rights is because one of my Mentorees talked me into it. He pointed out that someone else selling these will never cost me any business as our audiences are different and we will never run out of overweight people who want to lose weight.

So I’m not harming or hindering my ability to continue to sell these
myself. They help our hypnosis students make significant profits and they make us a little money we would not otherwise have. It’s a win, win, win.

Q: When does my license expire? Do I have to pay you residuals? What is the catch?

A: There is no catch. Your license never expires; you have it forever. There are no added costs, no royalties, no debits, no nothing. You buy the rights, you have them forever. These rights are non-transferable. You cannot sell them or give them away without the permission of Geoffrey Ronning Group Inc.

Q: What are the best three reasons I should get the license for this product?

1) It’s a proven winning product.

2) Weight Loss is a huge market that will never go away!

3) It’s extremely profitable, you make approximately $178.00 to $376.00 off each sale.

and ....

4) You will immediately increase your income without work

5) This product is ready to roll.

6) It will help your clients lose weight and feel better about themselves.

7) It will help you build your business stability.

8) It amazingly cheap right now.

9) It may not be available later if your competitor beats you to it.

Order today, you will be glad you did and your customers will
be very impressed. 100% guaranteed.

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