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Stage Hypnosis Marketing Home Study Course - 6 DVDs & Workbook
Stage Hypnosis Marketing Home Study Course - 6 DVDs & Workbook

Dear Hypnotist,

You can have the best show in the world but if you cannot book it - it is meaningless. This product will help you market your show. In fact, with this marketing package I can make you a promise....

This Gives You a Minimum of $44,900.00 in EXTRA Bookings this year...
or I Want You to Return this Package!

I mean it - if this does not put (at minimum) $44,900.00 additional dollars in your bank account. I don't want you to keep it. I'm serious. Here is what you learn.

Here are 5 Specific Areas we Cover

Area #1:

The meeting planner/ event coordinator says that she and her "committee" are going to review your materials along with six other entertainers and then pick one. She'll let you know. Forget that. Leave me out of that humiliating process! Instead you want to reverse the process! Make it where they are competing for you. What you want to do is a very specific kind of positioning, so that you get your bookings in a zero-competition environment.......months before......where you are the only contender......

At this point in time in our career we are booked months in advance and turn down more shows than we can work. The clients are now on the receiving end of being considered and selected to receive a show, not the other way around! This is what it takes to book your show. The old sales and manipulation techniques are dated dinosaurs.

Learn our techniques and destroy your competition. Learn how to price your show. Learn how to overcome objections and fill your date book up before most stage hypnotists are even purchasing next years calendar. Make yourself hard to book, then you can raise your fees, book others and have a stable business you can depend on!

Area #2:

This is a very specific, definite, proven "system" that has been worked to perfection. You can rely on this tool to build the business you want! Not only are you going to learn how we use this tool, but you will learn how to apply it to your business. This will immediately give you a roadmap for success. I want you to have specific steps and systems so you get FULL value for your investment!


Your promotional materials represent you! Whether or not you get the booking depends on whether your booking materials satisfy your prospective bookers objectives. Learn how to turbo charge your promotional materials and get the bookings! Most stage hypnotists think if only they had thousands they could spend on promo they would be a success. You don't need to spend thousands. In fact, we will reveal our ultimate promo kit that turns out to be our least expensive package yet! Don't get any new promo until you learn what works and why it works!

In fact - you will SEE an example of our ULTIMATE PROMOTIONAL PACKAGE on the DVD. You do not get one included with this course, but what you get is even better - You will see an actual example of our promotional package and more importantly learn the strategy and psychology behind every piece in the package.

I would guess this segment is worth far more than the entire DVD training course. Plus you also have...

Area #4

Corporate programs are typically the most profitable! Want to work them? If so watch this DVD and learn what it takes, how you book them, what they want, how they want it and why! I'm happy to say the bulk of our business is now in this arena. We love being appreciated and pampered by our corporate clients. They fly us to their destinations, put us up in really nice hotels, and pay us our fee on top of that!

If you aren't working in the corporate field you may want to see what your missing. If you are working with corporate clients, you already know that could be the most valuable session of the entire conference.

In fact, I would venture a guess that our Corporate Closing Strategy alone is worth several times the cost of this full training to ANYONE that learns it! This is the FIRST TIME I have ever presented this strategy.

"The Corporate Closing Strategy sent shivers down my spine! I have already totally
restructured by business and so far I'm batting 100% closing rate."

Ben Cummings, NY

Your email address is never
shared with anyone - ever.
Fill Out The Form Below and be
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Area #5

Agents are great! They call you repeatedly and give you business. You have no out of pocket expense, no rejection and no baloney. They are an army of representatives that are continually on the booking battlefield for you! The more agents you work with the easier your business flows.

We currently book 37% of our business. Our agents book 63%. They call, we say yes, no, or more money please! That is it! Agents are the life blood of a stable entertainment career! Learn how to work with agents inside and outside of your local area! We teach you everything we know so you can get a ton of business through agents without working for it! This is a totally updated session with the latest in working with agents.

In addition you also get our...

Step By Step School Domination System

You will learn our complete step by step system to dominate the school market in your area. The school business is massive. It is also very easy to work because each Middle and High School needs entertainment several times a year. In addition, they are not sophisticated buyers so you don’t have to have expensive, involved promotional materials.

In addition, here is even more of what you will learn:

• How to book your first stage hypnosis show FAST (it is easy when you know how and for who)

• Client Viability Process (don't devote time to clients that are a waste of time - know specifically how much $$ , and how many shows you can book BEFORE you start).

• Crafting the Perfect Marketing Message - people buy what they want - not what they need. Learn how to craft the most persuasive show booking message and watch your bank account soar.

• The biggest problems with most marketing materials (if you are making any of these 8 mistakes it is costing you BIG dollars!

• The Most Powerful Secret within our Promotional Package - that most people DON'T even consider!

• The two ways we generate over 95% of our self-booked (non-agent) business that you can duplicate immediately

• How to handle inquiries so that they lead to show bookings - this runs counter to other marketing guru's out there - I have tested both and this works FAR better.

• How to Book TONS of shows without selling - I spelled it out for you in 9 specific steps - miss one of these and the bookings go elsewhere.

• The easiest way I know to make $31,380.00 extra this year - hey it is our proven program we have worked with tons of people - now you can work it and build your bank account.

• How to book high school fundraisers and what to charge. Undercharge and they will abuse you, overcharge and they will not book you, learn how to migrate your fees to more profits and better shows.

In addition you learn:

• How most successful stage hypnotists get started

• How to create a secure stable business in the stage hypnosis industry

• How to create massive amounts of repeat business

• How to make top dollar from charities that call you to work for free!

• What our most powerful secrets are for booking HUGE numbers of shows

• What is the quickest way to make money from stage hypnosis

All of this and more is presented on six DVDs and workbook.

In addition...for the first 35 people you will also get...

9 Great Bonuses

Bonus #1:
How to Get Agents to Book You and Put Your Business on Cruise Control - This is a printed sample pack filled withmaterials to get agent bookings - including:exact samples of our "Top of Mind" strategy. Use it and appear at the top of your agents mind to grab the bookings from the compitition!

Bonus #2:
Ronning Marketing Bonus Handouts - Here are slug of sheets and forms from our business that you can start to use immediately to create tremendous profit.

Bonus #3:
Ronning School Assembly Postcard #1 - This is our winning postcard. It brings in the shows and the cash. Mail it and hear your phone ring off the hook with bookings! We worked for years on this postcard and mailed literally probably over 100,000 postcards to create this magic mailing piece. It is a show booking machine.

Bonus #4:
Ronning School Postcard #2 - This is the follow up so you can bust open even the most difficult to crack schools.

Bonus #5:
Ronning School Postcard #3 - Another winner for you to grab the gigs!

Bonus #6:
Ronning School Fundraiser Power Postcard - Here is the baby to use to book the fundraisers. Use it and be a super hero.

Bonus #7:
Ronning School Fundraising agreement It is clean, easy and gets them to sign it fast.

Bonus #8:
Ronning School Fundraising Guidebook Send this out to your school fundraisers and sell more tickets.

Bonus #9:
Ronning Education Postcard - Here is our educational postcard. Make sure you watch the DVDs to hear all about this little known strategy - I'm revealing this for the first time ever.You can emulate it and tap into these bookings you would not get otherwise. The strategy is totally decieving, do not skip the DVD training on this one or you will be totally in the dark! You must understand the psychology to get the bookings.

Bonus #10:
License Rights of our School Special Report: "How to Coordinate the Assembly Highlight of Your Year Even on a Tight Budget!"

This little monster has made us more cash than I would care to reveal. You now get the rights to license this special report with yourself as the author.

Your email address is never
shared with anyone - ever.
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Are you Ready?

Do you want to be successful and have more profitable shows? Do you want more business, do you want to really increase your income, so you have your date book full and your telephone ringing off the hook? Do you want to turn down more shows than you can work? If you are serious you must order this package today.

I know you will love it. In fact, I guarantee it.



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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
Bonuses are worth the price itself., July 10, 2009

By LEsguerra - See all my reviews    
The postcards included as part of the bonus are just plain gold - I especially love what Geoff called his "hot tamale" postcard. The "combo" postcard (assembly and/or fundraiser) has gotten good response too.

Then comes the special report. Use this "white paper" to position yourself as an EXPERT. And in the school market, being an expert does have it advantages. I've never thought that expertise could be purchased. :-)
0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
Complete system for booking schools, September 21, 2009

By JasonLinett - See all my reviews    
Follow the information enclosed, and you'll be booking shows in no time. Following this product, I've created a landslide of school bookings for the year.

Great general marketing advice as well, a MUST for the serious performer.
0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
Jump start your business fast!, October 11, 2009

By BillM - See all my reviews    
If your stage hypnosis business is not where you want it to be, I highly recommend you invest in this program. In a very short time after putting many of the ideas I learned from this program into action, I saw a definite increase in the number of prospects who were calling me and my closing ratio began to improve dramatically. It's really been the icing on the cake for me. For the cost, this program is a steal! Seriously, if you currently have more business than you can handle, don't buy this program. Otherwise, I highly recommend it.

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