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Rare Mentalism training opportunity...

From: Stuart Cumberland

July 4th, 2008

Dear Friend,


At a remote upscale luxury resort a man steps on stage wearing a suit as sharp as a razor.

The stage was... well, there wasn't a stage to speak of. The association that booked him had more people show up than expected. It was a small room packed-in like sardines.

The man, a "mindreader", joked with the audience and demonstrated the differences between magicians and mindreaders. His opening effect, using a spectator from the audience and a deck of cards, was fast, lighthearted and mystifying.

Then, before the applause had subsided, he immediately asked two spectators to think of names of people the mindreader could not know. The first spectator simply thought of the name and it was revealed instantly! Having difficulty with the second person, he asked that the spectator imagine he was calling up this person. Using comedic byplay, the spectator dialed the number and told the mindreader when the person "answered the phone".

"Your friend just answered the phone and said... 'HELLO', didn't he??!!!" said the mindreader in mock-genius fashion. The audience was laughing...

"...and you said, 'hello Adrian'... didn't you?"

The expression on the spectators face changed instantly from laughter to shock, as the mindreader was 100% correct. The stunned audience took a few moments before applauding.

Clearly, they were witnessing...

...A Master Entertainer Of Mystery!

Amazing? You bet it was. Fast paced and modern? Oh hell yes!

And the best part? It was 100% pure entertainment... no focus on props, boards, or any other distractions. It was just the mindreader and his audience (and that slick navy blue suit...).

Slowing the pace just briefly, he joked with the audience about coincidence and deja-vu.

A spectator was chosen and asked to stand at the far side of the room and to hold a pad and a marker. Quickly the mindreader asked number of spectators randomly write numbers down on a small card and the last totalled them up. As they were being totaled up, the first spectator was asked to write a number on her pad but not show it.

The randomly chosen number were finally added up and the total was read out. The number was 32. The first spectator--not a stooge--turned her pad around and showed that she was thinking of... 32.

No. She wasn't a stooge. In fact...

...she was every bit as mystified as the entire audience!

The mystifier paused for a few seconds while the audience caught their breath. He relieved the tension by talking about some of the funny incidents he has experienced. Certainly not a comedy routine, but the audience enjoyed getting to know the man who was mystifiying them.

This mindreader asked the audience if they would be willing to participate in an impossible test-condition and completely self-imposed challenge. They eagerly encouraged him.

A spectator, chosen by the audience, came forward and was handed a local telephone book. The Vice President of the association attested that she brought it from her hotel room herself and had never left her sight. (100% true).

The audience-chosen volunteer was instructed to select ANY page without looking, simply dog-earing a single page. This was done while the mindreader was well away from the volunteer and with his back turned to the volunteer. A spectator from the front row was asked to choose a number, the selection being one, two or three. The number three was chosen.

The mindreader slowly picked up the pad previously used to write the number 32 and ripped out the page. He quickly wrote something on the pad and immediately walked over to the spectator holding the phonebook, asking her to hold the pad without looking at it.

Taking the phonebook, with no funny business, he approached several audience members in the front row asking them to open the book to the selected page. It was quickly found and it was announced that there were three columns on the page. Because the number three was chosen, the audience member was asked to call out the first name at the top of the third column of the freely selected page.

"Goldberg", said the spectator (and verified by those sitting around him. Names from the other two columns--both different altogether--were read out).

The audience volunteer was asked to turn the pad around and show the audience the prediction. It read: "Goldberg".

The audience burst
into wild applause

At this point, the show was essentially over. However, the mindreader was encouraged by the audience to go over his allotted time and do "just one more" routine.

He asked three volunteers to help. One was to think of a number, the other a place, and finally the last was to think of a *simple* drawing.

Dramatically, the mentalist revealed the number.

Equally so, he revealed the place.

Having trouble with the image, he asked the person to come up and take a pad and redo the drawing as large as possible.

Standing (dramatically, of course) across the room holding a pad, the mentalist seemed to almost duplicate the movements of the volunteer... even though his back was completely to the volunteer.

Well... you know the rest of the story, don't you?

The spectator revealed a cute dog, with big droopy eyes and long, long ears.

The mindreader slowly turned around his picture to reveal a very, very similar dog. Not exact. In fact, it could be argued it was different. But it came very, very close... enough to garner...

A standing ovation!

The mindreader bowed, and walked off in his razor sharp suit. Following the show, during cocktails, he was surrounded by "fans" clamoring to get close to this amazing mastermind.

A fairy tail, perhaps?

Nope. It was real. I know, 'cause I was there to witness this incredible act...

Yes indeed. In fact, I was the guy!

Yes sir. And everything described is exactly as it happened.

That's right! What you just read was--and is--a typical corporate performing scenario. And it's the same reaction in Northern Ontario; Bangor, Maine; Manchester, England; Brisbane, Australia; Auckland, New Zealand; and hundreds and hundreds of other locations.

Like Johnny Cash sings, "I've been everywhere, Man!"

Stuart on Television
Stuart on Television
And I'm telling you, right now...

"...there's no sane reason
why YOU can't enjoy
the SAME success!"

Want to learn a proven, tested act? Want to learn an act that's been around for EIGHTY years?

Want to be trained by a MASTER of the craft?

For the first time EVER, I'll be conducting a LIVE training and teaching a small group of people the complete act. Everything.

Here's the story: I've wanted to do a live training for years but haven't. Why? Well, to put it simply, if I'm going to do something I'm going to do it right.

Look, there are some good mentalism conventions that take place different times of the year. Some good lectures. But will you learn from a guy who doesn't perform for a living? Will you learn in 1-hour what you need to know? I don't think so.

There are a couple of guys teaching mentalism classes. Some are good, some are bad.

You've heard the horror stories: poorly managed days, promises NOT being delivered, presenters NOT showing up, starting late, 3-hour lunches, incompetent trainers and more...

You've heard them, I'm sure. And frankly, I feel BAD for them. It takes skill and expertise to put on an event and make it run smoothly.

...and that's why I've never put one on. I don't want to put on an event that is plagued with problems! No way I'm going to risk my reputation on THAT!

Then my buddy Geoff Ronning--a guy who has been doing hugely successful training events for the hypnosis market for close to 15 years--approached me and asked me to teach a mentalism full-day training.

What's his secret? Well, there are TWO: the first is that he's a master at keeping a tight schedule and making sure that everything goes to schedule. But his real secret (and he freely admits this) is his beautiful wife Wendy. She's the behind-the-scenes "Black Ops" planner.

The result...

...An Event That Runs Like
Clockwork and that
Delivers Results!

With their skill at putting on sensational events, and my skill at teaching proven, tested and powerful mental entertainment, I'm PLEASED to announce...

The Ultimate Mentalism
Live IN-PERSON Training

With Stuart Cumberland,

**** Las Vegas
Thursday, September 25 2008!

Here's the deal: I'm going to personally take you by the hand and give you EVERYTHING so you can turn around, head back home and start PROFITING from this amazing, time-tested and proven act.

I'm even going to give  you all the props! Granted that is not hard because all the props come from the office supply store, but you get them just the same!

This live training isn't for everybody. It's a closed door session designed to get anyone serious about doing a commercial and profitable act up to speed and running ... FAST.

In fact, let me be so bold to say that if you're one of those just looking for the "latest tricks" or to hob-nob with a bunch of part-time amateurs, there are plenty of other terrific conventions, classes and clubs you can go to.

No. I'm not interested in having you there. Sorry.

I'm only interested in those deadly serious about making cash with a killer act.

We'll be having fun, I guarantee it. But we won't be fooling around. There won't be delays, 3-hour lunches or other B.S. or other horror stories. Geoff and Wendy Ronning run a tight ship. You can fully expect two things:

1. You're going to be given a complete act in one day and..

2. We will run on a very tight schedule to see to it that you get what you need.

Let me ask you a question:

Isn't That What You
SHOULD Expect?

If you're going to fly across the country (or the world) to Las Vegas for training with a full-time pro, shouldn't you expect--no... DEMAND--that you get?

Shouldn't you get what you were promised? Shouldn't you get what you were paid for?

Of course! And that, my friend, is exactly what you are going to GET.

Here's What You Will Get:

8:30am: Geoff & Wendy Ronning will greet and meet all attendies. I will NOT be there to meet anyone. They will cover the schedule, details and other miscellaneous items.

9:00am: I will be introduced  and you will see--LIVE--the complete act, performed from beginning to end in real-time.

You will SEE, FEEL and EXPERIENCE the complete act as though you were a live paying audience. With NO stooges, pre-show arrangements or any other funny stuff, I'll read minds, predict events, amaze and baffle you.

If you've never seen this act before, it'll fry your friggin mind.

If you think you know it... it'll fry your friggin mind. Why? Because there's SO much MORE to learn than you'll EVER get in a book, dvd or just by watching.

Big difference? You'll see THE guy who's been doing this act for 25 years and knows more about this act than ANY other so-called expert alive.

Immediately following the live performance of the act, I'll greet and meet you as a group and away we go...

Not Just One Act--You'll
Be Getting 'Two'!

I'll be teaching you the act exactly as you witness it--it's ideal for close and intimate venues such as in a home completely surrounded, small corporate audiences and more.
Stuart in the round at a house party.
Stuart in the round at a house party.

Then you will learn the second act.... With some strategic changes, this act is perfect and ideal for giant stages, theatres and more. I've performed this act before 2500 enthusiastic students outdoors. I'll show you how to do that as well!

Stuart before several hundred reading minds.
Stuart before several hundred reading minds.

You'll learn ALL the secrets. You'll be ready-to-go and have two acts that you can use the next day.

5:00pm: the live training ends. At this time, you'll be fully equipped and trained and have a full and complete working knowledge of this commercial money-making act.

But wait, that's not all!
You'll Also Get...

Geoff insisted that we give some bonuses. Frankly, I don't think we need them, but it's become a tradition over the years at his events. Lucky you! Geoff told me to tell you that you also get the following bonuses...

Bonus # 1: The first 8 people who register get a copy of Stuart Cumberland's "Secrets of Corporate Mentalism Success", an insiders audio program providing a roadmap to success in the corporate market. This sells for $97.00. FREE for the first 8 people who sign up.

Bonus # 2: The first 12 people who register get a copy of Stuart Cumberland's "Outlandish Presentations", a two cd interview with Geoff Ronning discussing how to build a killer reputation with presentations that are just outrageous and memorable. Geoff discusses his secret weapon: how he got bookings and became a legend in Seattle for his "seeing through walls" and he reveals how he did it. This two cd set sells for $97.00. FREE for the first 12 people who sign up get a copy.

Bonus #3: The first 13 people get the SUPER RARE and "Lost" recordings of "Commercial Mentalism". Years ago Stuart  released his SENSATIONAL interview with Geoff Ronning that goes almost totally against everything you've ever heard or been taught about good, commercial mentalism. They reveal their secrets on what constitutes a commercial act, how to build one and most importantly... how to sell it. NOTE: this is long out of print... Wendy Ronning discovered 13 cds in a box that were intended to be used for reviews originally. Once gone, they are gone.  Value? A copy recently sold for $300.00. The information can transform your career.

Bonus #4: The first 18 people get, the Stuart Cumberland's Amazing And Hilarious 10-Minute Blindfold Act! Stuart has been performing this awesome act for 25 years, first performing it in high school years ago. Using nothing but heavy-duty duct tape, this act has been an opener for his hypnosis shows for years! It get's audiences warmed up, laughing and leaves them baffled and amazed. It's a show-stopper and the best part? It's easy to do! You get the complete act with full instruction. Value? $497.00.

==> This bonus will be AFTER the days training and is scheduled to run that evening from 6:00pm til 8:00pm in the same hotel.

By now, you're probably wondering how much all of this will cost

Well, let me be blunt. This is Geoff's "deal". He's been bugging me to do the training for years. In the interest of disclosure, he's paying me my FULL corporate fee, flights for myself and my girlfriend to fly to Las Vegas and our hotel.

Why am I telling you this? Well, it's simple. I believe that if you're going to learn a full and complete act... an act that you can easily charge $2000 PLUS for when performing for corporate audiences... is EASILY worth $2000.00.

Wouldn't you agree?

Seriously? A complete act that will pay for itself the first gig you get? Come on! You're rolling in the dough starting with your second gig?

But That's Not What YOU'LL Pay...

Because Geoff is doing his famous Stage Hypnosis Training 3 days before, because Geoff always has an optional super-exclusive bonuse training day at the end, and because of the deal we made... Geoff Ronning is offering this exclusive ONE-DAY training event for only...


That's right. You get the entire exclusive full-day training with ME, Stuart Cumberland... teaching you the ENTIRE act blow-by-blow... coaching you and getting you up to speed super fast...

PLUS... you get all the bonuses--valued at nearly $900 alone--everything... for only $895.00US!

It's a *&^ing STEAL!!!

If you were to only charge $1000.00 for your first gig... you'd MAKE MONEY, build a killer reputation and be laughing. It's like being handed a career!

Hurry. This offer is limited and Geoff fully expects to reach capacity. This is your chance to stop dreaming, take action and grab yourself a proven, time-tested act to add to your entertainment options. Note, if you are attending the Ronning Hypnosis Training just prior to this training you even get an extra discount, see below.

...Want a Guarantee?

Here you go! Spend the day. Learn everything. Learn two complete acts. Get the props. Get the scripts. Get every ounce of entertainment value one can muster out of my show... Then... if you are disappointed for any reason or no reason, Geoff will give you a 100% refund. He cannot be more fair than that. And I can also assure you he is not a betting man,  he knows the value I'm is going to deliver - First hand, because frankly he has hired me for the last several years to perform this exact act direct, and for his agents.

Register today, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

SEE you in Vegas!



P.S. The Ronnings have gotten a special room rate deal going, your hotel room at the training facility is only $56.00 and Wendy has a room-mate program so if you want to share a room with someone let her know.

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Combo Registration (if you are attending BOTH this Mentalism Training and the Stage Hypnosis Training register here:

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